Leopard Gecko Feeding

There are a number of different food types you can feed to your leopard gecko. We have outlined the most popular here. You should ensure you feed your leopard gecko a varied diet and of the correct size.



Crickets are often the staple diet for most leopard geckos, they can be purchased or bread in a number of sizes to feed all ages of leopard gecko. Black or brown crickets are the most commonly used and you can now also get silent crickets.

When you first purchase your crickets they will not be of much nutritional value to your leopard geckos. Crickets often become malnourished when purchased from pet stores, and need to be gut loaded to provide nutrition. Gut loading is the process of feeding healthy food to your crickets, you can use dry dog food, vegetables and fruit in your cricket tank for at least 2 days before feeding them to your geckos. This ensures they provide your leopard gecko with a healthy diet. You should gut load your crickets in addition to dusting supplements which are covered below.

You should feed as many crickets to your geckos as they will eat in one sitting and then next time you can simply pop the same number in the terrarium and leave them too it. Uneaten crickets should be removed from the tank after a day or two as they will lose nutritional value.



Mealworms are also a popular choice for the same reasons as crickets. They are easier to keep and less likely to escape. They will generally require a small dish to be placed in so they do not bury into substrate, you can also place supplement powder in the dish so it is eaten by your gecko.

Mealworms also need to be gut loaded in a similar way to crickets, allow at least two days gut loading before feeding them to your geckos. Remove any uneaten ones after a day or so.

Food Supplements

Its a wise idea to provide supplements to your leopard geckos to aid healthy growth and living. In addition to gut loading, you should dust your geckos food with calcium powder. To dust the food, place them in a plastic bag with some of the calcium powder and gently shake the bag to coat them. You should also dust food three or four times a week with calcium and vitamin powder.

There are a number of products available so check your local pet store or supplier.



There are a few foods that you can feed to your leopard gecko as treats. These foods should only be fed occasionally. Wax worms are a good treat and are easy to get hold of from your local supplier, they contain a high ratio of prosperous to calcium so should only be fed very occasionally. Pinkies (baby mice) are also a good treat but again should be very occasionally, pinkies are often fed to breeding females to boost weight or to help a malnourished leopard gecko gain weight.


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