Leopard Gecko Starter Checklist

The checklists below detail the minimum you'll need to create a healthy and interesting environment for your leopard geckos. You can print this page and take it with you to the pet store or supplier to make sure you don't miss anything. Where we have found a trusted and reasonably priced online reptile supplier for any of the items we have provided a link to their store.


Leopard Gecko Housing Checklist

The leopard gecko housing checklist below details all the items you need to create suitable housing/caging for your leopard geckos. Correct leopard gecko housing is extremely important to your geckos health. We also have more detailed information on leopard gecko housing available.


Tank / Terrarium    
Water Dish    
Calcium Dish    
Humid Hide    
Sphagnum Moss (For Humid Hide)    
Dry Hides (Minimum 2)    
2 x Thermometer (1 Each End)    
Under Tank Heat Mat    
Heat Mat Thermostat (Optional)    
Red Light (Optional)    

Reptile Supplies



Leopard Gecko Food/Misc Checklist

These are the food items, and supplements you should have for your new leopard geckos. Additional items such as reptile disinfectant and other accessories are listing under this section. You can find more information on these items on the leopard gecko feeding page.


Pure Calcium Powder    
Feeder Dust (Vitamins)    
Reptile Disinfectant Spray    
Feeder Housing (Optional)    
Feeding Tongs (Optional)    


Reptile Supplies

Leopard Gecko Health Checklist

When you are choosing your new leopard gecko from the pet shop or reptile breeder you should always check the health of the animal before going ahead and purchasing it. More information can be found on the Leopard Gecko Healthcare page.


Body Condition    
No Open Wounds    
Tail Intact & Not Regenerated    
Legs + Feet    
Fingers + Toes    
Genital Area (No Smearing)    
Gecko is Alert    


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