Leopard Gecko's as Pets

Selecting your gecko

In the UK nearly all leopard geckos are captive breed geckos, captive bred geckos are healthier and better acclimatized to captive housing. The chance of infection and/or parasites in a well looked after captive bred leopard gecko are extremely low so you can enjoy your pet for a long time. Purchasing a captive bred leopard gecko helps conserve them in the wild as fewer will need to be caught to supply demand.

When deciding what size leopard gecko you are getting you must take the food available into consideration. If you are not able to buy small crickets then you should not consider a hatchling gecko. Remember however you can now order food and supplements for your leopard geckos via the internet and mail order. You can check out our Reptile Directory to find a supplier who delivers to your area or for local stores.

You should check to ensure the leopard gecko you choose has all of its fingers and toes and that its eyes are not sunken. It should be reasonably stocky, be alert if gently poked with your finger, and check that their are no open wounds. You should also look out for signs that the tail has regenerated, it makes no difference to the geckos health but regenerated tails can often be slightly bent and have a less attractive pattern.

Where to get your leopard gecko

There are a number of places you can obtain your leopard gecko from these include pet stores, breeders, reptile expos and directly from the breeders.

Pet stores are a good place for those who are new to leopard geckos to start out, they are often within easy reach and allows you to talk one on one with the staff for advice and guidance before you've bought your pet and you can always call them if needed afterwards. The downside to a pet shop is they may not be able to provide you with the full details of your leopard gecko such as genetics and lineage, this is because they are 4 or 5 steps from the actual breeder so are not close to the source of information.

Around the United Kingdom at various towns and city's run reptile expos, these are gatherings of various reptile dealers, breeders and suppliers. Due to the popularity of leopard geckos they now play a major part in these gatherings and attract a diverse range of colours and types of leopard geckos. These are normally advertised on the internet or via reptile magazines.

Another alternative is to go direct to the breeder. You'll be surprised at the number of both small and large breeders in the UK. The choice of colours and attractiveness is amazing when buying directly from a dealer and you will receive full information on your geckos genetics, lineage, quirks and past health. You can find breeders by searching on google or checking classified ads in magazines. You can also try posting a message in our gecko forums so breeders can contact you.


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